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Madison entrepreneurs credit recession for successful business


MADISON (WKOW) -- The economy has taken a toll on many people, but for some it has prompted them to take matters into their own hands, instead of relying on an unstable job market.

Two friends from Madison started their own company and have now made more than a million dollars in sales. The owners of "Strike a Pose" Photo Booth, based in Madison, say the recession forced them to get creative and they're offering tips for anyone looking to start a small business.

"Three years ago I was on food stamps. We had zero dollars and we started with an idea and we didn't know if people would want it or not," said Mike Tecku, Co-Owner of "Strike a Pose" Photo Booth.

Mike Tecku and Mike Hansen built the company from the ground-up.

"The minute I learned about the photo booth business, I went out and bought a program and all the equipment," said Hansen.

The duo sells photo booths to buyers, who then turn around and rent to other customers. They've been a catalyst to helping others start a company.

"We started about 150 companies all around the world," said Tecku. "We've probably done closed to 1000 weddings since last year."

Unlike many people, Hansen and Tecku say the tough recession was a good thing for them and their business.

"If the economy hadn't been as bad as it was, I think people would have kept in their jobs and I think the future is more entrepreneurs and more small businesses," said Tecku.

They found a target market, the wedding industry, and focused on need for customers.

One of the risks they experienced was the cost of advertising, so their advice, is to weigh the pros and cons first. They also recommend you pay attention to start-up costs because you'll need to budget for that too.

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