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In Person: Abraham & Mary Lincoln


Jesus of Nazareth. Marilyn Monroe. Mohandas K. Gandhi. Mother Theresa. Winston Churchill. If you could go back in time to meet a famous historical figure, whom would you choose?

How about visiting with one of the most famous married couples in all of American history?

Abraham and Mary Lincoln navigated the tumultuous waters of the Civil War, the demise of slavery, and the death of their own children. Today Lincoln is still often considered the greatest president, while is wife is recalled as "crazy."

The recent movie "Lincoln" revisited the legend of Abe and rebuffed some of the mythologies regarding Mary, but there's nothing like getting the facts straight from the source.

Bryce Stenzel of Mankato and Betty Crowley of Eau Claire - both school teachers -- like to travel the country in character as the Lincolns. I caught up with them at Cadott's Rendezvous Days.

In our full-length interview, you'll hear how gridlocked government never gets old, how race relations are a work in 300-year-old progress, what Abe thinks of the recent film, and you'll get a good feel for Mary's sharp mind and courageous spirit.

The Lincolns, In Person. Only on News 18: Good TV shall not perish from the face of the earth.

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