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Gov. Walker signs $100 million property tax cut


BURLINGTON (WKOW) -- Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law a $100 million property tax cut.

The amount of the cut will vary widely across the state but for the typical homeowner it will amount to just $13 this year and $20 next year. The cut will be applied to tax bills mailed to homeowners in December.

Even under the cut, property taxes are still projected to increase by $11 -- from $2,943 to $2,954 -- in two years for the median-valued $148,000 home.

Gov. Walker defends the cut, as modest as it may be, as the right thing to do given the state's growing budget surplus.

"My promise to you today is we're not done, my contention is every year I'm in office we're gonna lower taxes in the state of Wisconsin," Walker said to a crowd at a farm in Burlington on Sunday.

Gov. Walker says the cuts are an effort to lower the tax burden on Wisconsin families, farmers, seniors and small business owners.
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