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In Person: Lucy Lammer

Time is measured by the fleeting hour of course, and sometimes by the cruel second.
It's measured by crumbling monarchies and long-dead dynasties. It's measured in winners and losers.  And it's measured by the corner store.
In the late 1890's, there were 29 corner stores in Menomonie, Wisconsin. In 2013, there's only one still standing: Lammer's Food Fest, at the corner of 9th Street and 14thAvenue.
Lammer's is celebrating 153 years this month, and at the helm is the durable and yet adaptable Lucy Lammer, who -- along with her brother -- runs the multi-million dollar operation.
Just how do you make it in a venue that earns you a few pennies on a can of green beans? Why, you do it with fresh-baked (never frozen) apple pies. You do it by tapping into produce grown in Duran or Boyceville. You do it with Annie's Turkey Surprise and Lucy's Potato Salad. You do it by proving to your neighborhoods that you can "do it better" than the next guy.
Lucy Lammer is a gritty business woman who excels at providing warm and fuzzy personal service in a predominantly business man's world. She gleans deli recipes from her customers. She can trace her personal life history by each store expansion. She keeps the bottom line close, and her customers closer.
In our extended interview you'll get a healthy portion of Lucy's business acumen, and her sense of humor. You'll learn how a Menomonie girl chose the family store over a law degree. You'll hear how – in a world of degrading service and disintegrating courtesy, commitment to customers still matters at the corner of 9th and 14th.
Lucy Lammer,  In Person. Only on TV 18. Where there's more in store for you.
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