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In Person: Pastor Ted Marsh


Have you ever considered that life is math?

No? Well how about this?

You've heard the saying "Two wrongs don't make a right?"

In mathematical terms that could be written as;

wrong + wrong = not right

and "not right" = wrong, so

wrong+ wrong = wrong

In practical terms, it could also be written as "a wrong plus a wrong equals trouble.

Ted Marsh was never good at math. In fact he was barely making the grade in high school. Let's crunch the numbers;

At 15 he had developed a fondness for pot. By age 16 he was actively selling it.

At age 18, when he married his high school sweetheart, he was living high to high.

When his wife left him 10 years later and took their 2 kids, he hit bottom.

Today Ted is an ordained minister for Abundant Life Church in River falls. How he got there is also an application of math. Ted learned that a wrong followed by a right equals as second chance.

In our full conversation you'll learn how Ted's bad choices cost him everything. You'll learn how he earned it all back for a prayer and $1200. You'll hear the amazing story of how he met his current wife through a series of uncanny coincidences. You'll learn that the gentle and humble man who is now Pastor Ted doesn't believe in coincidence. He believes in "spiritual mathematics;" That life is the sum of your choices, good and bad.

Pastor Ted Marsh, In Person. Only on Eau Claire's Emmy Award-winning WQOW News 18. Do the Math.

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