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In Person: Barry Lynn

There are as many ways to describe Barry Lynn as there are ways to express dance.
Barry Lynn is durable. How else could you describe a man who's still performing at almost 100 years of age.
Barry Lynn is fearless. How else could you describe a man who, for 35 years, has promoted interpretive dance inn northern Wisconsin?
And Barry Lynn is incorrigible. How else would you describe a man born to a North Carolinian culture that disrespected the arts who sets up shop in rural Rusk county?
It's hard to believe that as a young man, Barry Lynn was afraid to dance. He feared that he was "ugly," that no one would embrace his passion for dance -- until a photographer friend convinced him that he was as beautiful on the outside as he was on the inside.
Since 1978, Lynn and his partner Michael Doran -- also a professional dancer -- have danced the only way they know how; expressing their hearts and souls in creative dance in the abandoned one-room Willard Center School that they purchased and moved onto Doran's family property. The concept that is ChaliceStream has become symbolic of the spirit of art that perseveres; because art is durable. Because art is fearless. Because art is incorrigible.
In the full interview, you'll hear how ChaliceStream came to be, how it got its name, and how it has endured in the backwoods of Northern Wisconsin. You'll hear how Lynn's favorite character "Lance" used his nine tickets to cross over to the "other side." You'll learn what Lynn thinks of ASCAP. And you'll get Doran's take on the spiritual import of dance.
Barry Lynn, In Person. Only on Eau Claire's own Emmy-award-winning News 18. May we have this dance?
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