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Women in the woods: DNR says more women signing up for hunter safety courses


Western Wisconsin (WQOW) - We see a spike in the number of deer on the roads this time of year.

The gun-deer season opens this weekend, when blaze orange will become one of the most popular colors worn by Wisconsinites. 

Before she trades in for a gun, you'll find Jenna Giacomino soaking up the last bit of the bow season. She says, "I started hunting when I was 12. I sat with my dad my first year and it was nerve-wracking but it was a very memorable experience for me."

A sport not all of her girlfriends can appreciate.  "They says it's gross," says Giacomino.

Even still, "I think that in my experience, more and more women are involved everyday and obviously women are more patient than men, so I think one day we'll dominate the sport," explains Giacomino.

Traditionally, deer hunting has been dominated by men... But has that changed in recent years?

"This is the first year I've had instructors coming up to me and telling me that the majority of the class was young ladies," says Bill Yearman, the Recreational Safety Warden for the DNR. He says that's what he's hearing from hunter safety instructors across the 16 counties he covers. 

Anna McCabe works for the DNR and will be sporting blaze orange for the first time this Saturday.  "It will be my first time hunting ever! I didn't come from a hunting family. I did marry into one though," explains McCabe. She'll be hunting through the DNR's Mentor Program. It's a chance to experience the hunt under a seasoned sportsman, or woman.

Yearman says, "Wisconsin has stayed relatively stable in their numbers and that's basically been because of an increase of women coming into hunting."

Giacomino says, "I have my mom, my dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, kind of a big variety that all are hunters. Gun season on this land is a lot of fun."

And in case you didn't already have it on your calendar, opening day of the gun deer hunt is this Saturday.

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