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In Person: Wendy Stelter

There have been professions traditionally dominated by men. Professional football, for example. Construction. Waste collection. All-star wrestling. The U.S. Presidency.
At one time, that was also true of law enforcement. Women were considered too small and too frail to tackle big bad criminals.
That has changed for several key reasons. First, Americans have opened their minds. Second, people have come to realize that it's not the size of the cop; it's the size of the heart. Women are succeeding in law enforcement because they train just as hard, and they do the job well.
Wendy Stelter never thought she'd be Police Chief of Chippewa Falls, but the opportunity came to her report by report, promotion by promotion. She did her job and she did it well – first as a security guard at Shopko, then for 27 years in Menomonie. Now she's one of a handful of female police chiefs in the state of Wisconsin.
In our full conversation you'll hear how a woman's leadership style may differ from a man's. You'll learn how Wendy made the choice between barber and beat cop. And you'll hear about the less glamorous side of police work from a dedicated professional who loves every side of it.
Chief Wendy Stelter, In Person. Only on Eau Claire's own Emmy-award-winning News 18.
Just the facts, Ma'am.
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