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In Person: Todd Meyer

It can mean "apple-shaped." It can apply to circles and marble factories. It's also the term we use to describe people who can do it all.
Leonardo DaVinci was well-rounded. So were Shakespeare, Galileo, and Michelangelo. They were "Renaissance Men" who used their big brains to fullest advantage. They trusted in human creativity. They lived life larger than their span of years, and that's why we remember them.
Fairchild's Todd Meyer, like those creative giants who came before, is hungry to know how and why. His full-time occupation is teaching adult education services for Chippewa Valley Tech, but he's also a renowned sculptor, ardent fencer, and dedicated historical re-enactor. His skill sets are round as the apple Renaissance Man Gioacchino Rossini shot off the head of William Tell's son.
Meyer – co-owner of Stone Griffin Studios – is famous for the concrete gargoyles, dragons, and other fantasy creatures that decorate yards across the Chippewa Valley, but his works range across both private and public institutions as well – Sacred Heart Hospital, Mayo Clinic Health System, St. Joe's, UWEC, and Action City.
In our full conversation you'll learn how concrete molds can be made of rubber, how foam swords can evolve into a love of fencing, and how satellite libraries make it easier for adults to learn. And if, by the time we stop talking you're not inspired to run right out and try something creative and new, you're not alive or human.
Todd Meyer, In Person. Only on Eau Claire's own Emmy-award-winning News 18.
Long Live the Renaissance, Man.
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