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Colored salt can be mistaken for sweet treat


Eau Claire (WQOW) - We all know not to eat yellow snow but what about other colors?

You may have come across blue salt on sidewalks and parking lots. The salt is colored to better show where it's been spread.

The bright color can make it look like candy. One of our reporters even saw a child pick up some of the blue salt at a local grocery store and try to put it in his mouth. Thankfully -- his mother caught him before he did.

Doctors say there are complications that can happen if someone eats it.

"If you swallow it, especially the calcium salts can irritate your stomach and your intestines," said Dr. Paul Horrath and emergency physician with Mayo Clinic Health System. "It can also burn those tissues. Worst case scenario if your body absorbs all those salts, it can lead to heart instability and other cardiac issues. So it can be some pretty nasty stuff."

Doctors say most cases are not severe enough to warrant a doctors visit and that the best thing to do is call poison control if your child eats some blue snow or salt.


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Here's a sight you may have come across recently...colored salt used on icy spots. Recently, a WQOW News 18 reporter saw a child try to put a handful of blue salt in his mouth, thinking it was edible. Tonight on WQOW News 18, we're talking to health officials about what's in the salt and what to do if your child accidentally ingests it.

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