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Mother accused of tying 2-year-old to bed while she ran errands


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Police and Madison Fire were called to Sunfish Court Tuesday afternoon after a two-year-old was found wandering outside wearing just a diaper and a T-shirt.

Authorities say the child was taken to a hospital for evaluation and police searched the area to find the home of the child. Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain says while the boy may have been outside with insufficient clothing from anywhere between minutes, and an hour, he suffered no hypothermia. 

Their investigation found the mother, identified by authorities as 22-year old Katrena Salmon, had tied the child to a bed with a four-foot-long, twine rope, while she went to run errands.

The mother was arrested for misdemeanor child neglect. Records show Salmon was released on $250 bail Tuesday night.

Neighbor Pam Hosler tells 27 News she has often heard Salmon's two-year-old son screaming from Salmon's apartment one floor below her unit, and considered contacting authorities. Hosler says she regrets not making those contacts, and wonders if she could have headed-off what happened to the boy.

"When I heard she had tied him up, it was like, 'I'm here. I'm a stranger, but I'm here all day.' "

"Why didn't you come up and say, 'Could you watch him for a few minutes?' " Hosler tells 27 News Salmon's six-year-old daughter has played with one of Hosler's relatives in Hosler's apartment.

Madison Streets Department spokesperson George Dreckmann tells 27 News a city snow plow operator was clearing snow on Sunfish Court Tuesday and discovered the wandering, barely-clothed child. Dreckmann says the operator took the boy into his vehicle's cab while waiting for response from police and fire units.

"We want our drivers to be the eyes and ears to the community," Dreckmann tells 27 News.

"This plow driver was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing," Madison Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain says.

DeSpain says available police records indicate officers have responded to Salmon's home in the past for domestic situations involving adults only. He says there's no indication of police calls related to any suspected child abuse or neglect.

Salmon has yet to respond to requests for comment from 27 News. She is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 23.

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