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Cornell man ordered jail time after fatal crash

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Chippewa County (WQOW)
- Jail time was ordered Monday for the driver in a crash that killed his passenger.

Investigators said Brady Wolfe, from Cornell, had been huffing aerosol fumes, and smoking marijuana, before he drove under a semi trailer, killing Caston Arnold, 19.

It happened at the intersection of Hastings Way and Melby Street in 2013.

Monday, Chippewa County Judge Steve Cray sentenced him to one year and nine months in jail. Wolfe must also do community service every year during five years of probation. 

Posted March 16, 2018
Chippewa County (WQOW)
- A Cornell man reached a plea deal, four-and-a-half years after a fatal crash in Eau Claire.

Brady Wolfe was charged in a 2013 crash that killed his passenger, Caston Arnold.

Investigators said Wolfe was huffing aerosol fumes and smoking pot before the crash.

Thursday, Wolfe pleaded guilty to homicide by negligent driving and endangering safety by negligent use of a weapon - in this case, his car.

Prosecutors, and his lawyer, agreed to jointly recommend a year-and-a-half in jail and five years probation when he's sentenced in May. 

Posted 2014
Chippewa Co. (WQOW) - A young man from Cornell has been charged in the death of his friend.

Friday in Chippewa County, a vehicular homicide charge was filed against Brady Wolfe. Last August, police said Wolfe was driving a car that failed to stop at a red light on Hastings Way and drove under the trailer of a semi that was turning onto Melby Street. Wolfe was seriously injured. His passenger, Caston Arnold, died. He was 19.

Investigators say they spoke with a friend who claims Wolfe admitted huffing as he drove to his house in Eau Claire, about two hours before the crash happened.  Police say they found two aerosol cans in Wolfe's car.  Wolfe's friend also told police they smoked marijuana.  A police report indicates that a crime lab test showed THC was detected in Wolfe's blood.  The report also says, "This is consistent with the findings of the crash reconstructionist that Wolfe's reaction time was affected."

He's been charged with homicide by a vehicle, use of a controlled substance, which is a felony. He also faces two misdemeanors, including abusing a hazardous substance. He'll make his first court appearance in March.

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