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Cars damaged in extreme weather create rental demand


Eau Claire County (WQOW) - It's the story of our winter: snow, slick roads and slide-ins. WQOW News 18 looked into how two types of businesses are staying as steady as the snow fall and how they're trying to keep up with all the work. 

Damaged cars have created a demand. Scott Rice, the owner of Litchfield Rent-A-Car, says, "In the last 6 to 7 weeks, the minute I get a car in, it's rented out right away."

In his seven years in the rental car industry, Rice says between the snow, subzero temps and slick roads, this year is stacking up to be one of the busiest.

"A lot of mechanical breakdowns and obviously a lot of damage from the snow," explains Rice.  "It gets to be kind of depressing, on my part, that somebody got hurt bad and you're renting a car to them and that's how you're making your business."

And while you're driving that rental, your car is most likely on the road to recovery. Rod Koplitz, the owner of Aerco Collision Center, says, "We get an increase about 15 to 20 percent in business, due to the weather. We're getting a lot of business just out of parking lot accidents. People slide and can't stop in time."

But the repair process can be slowed down when parts become difficult to get. "Just trying to  get parts here. Even transporting with the conditions gets to be a little delay," explains Koplitz. "Course for us, it's a good year. For others, it's probably not so good."

Rice says, "I'm not real fond of it! To tell you the truth I'd rather have less snow and a little less business."

As you can imagine with snow predicted for Thursday, both businesses says they don't expect things to slow down anytime soon.

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