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Snow piles cause car accidents, navigate with caution


Eau Claire (WQOW) - We know the snow creates dangerous travel conditions as it falls, but what about the blanket it leaves behind?

With more than 50 inches of snow, so far this winter and more coming down, there's a real concern over the visibility for drivers.

Whether it's trying to back out of your driveway or make that left-hand turn, we've probably all noticed the more the snow piles up, the harder it is to see.

WQOW News 18 spoke with the city which says every day in the last six weeks it's been working to haul the extra snow away, especially at intersections.

WQOW News 18 also spoke with a car collision repair shop which says a lot of its business this winter has come from crashes happening due to poor visibility.

Rod Koplitz, the Owner of Aerco Collision Center, says, "Snow banks now are piling up so people are getting caught trying to make their way through."

Jerry Vetterkind, who lives in Eau Claire County, says, "We've never had snow like this before. We've got no place to put it anymore, especially with people's own driveways, anybody that's got a long driveway. I've got a neighbor that's got a long driveway; I don't know how she's going to get out if we get another 12 inches of snow."

The city suggests you knock as much of that snow as you can into your lawn, that way it's not all piling up at the end of the road. And of course, be extra cautious and go slow.

The city says its main concern is clearing the roads first. It says crews are doing their best to keep up, and get rid of the piles, they're just asking for your patience. 

The city also wants to remind you that when the snow plows come by, not to put it back out on the street.

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