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City of Eau Claire removed snow build-ups ahead of storm


Eau Claire (WQOW) - The City of Eau Claire says a full snow plow operation, which covers residential streets, will happen. But exactly is still up in the air. The start time will be determined once the snow has stopped and the main roads are cleared. But the city was busy preparing for the storm already Thursday morning.

"We were probably using about 10 to 12 pieces of equipment in the snow haul. It was a little smaller than we normally do in that operation," said Steve Thompson, City of Eau Claire Street Maintenance Manager.

Eau Claire roads were in need of extra room ahead of another winter storm Thursday. So the city's streets maintenance crews were busy.

"On our main arterials and our residential streets that are real narrow, we've been working on a snow haul process. Taking the snow off the boulevards and getting it hauled out so that we have future storage for storms like this one coming in," explained Thompson.

Since there's no way to tell exactly when winter will wrap up, there's a likelihood these streets will be busy with cleaning crews again sometime soon.

"All of our trucks and equipment have flashing lights. If you do see that, and you can take an alternate route around where we're working, please take that. Just be patient if you see the equipment. It might get stacked up behind them but they'll pull over and let the traffic get by as they get the work done," Thompson said.

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