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SLIDESHOW ANSWERS: WQOW News 18 staff in their younger days!


(WQOW) - Alright everyone - the names are now on the photos in our slideshow! Check them out and see if your guesses were right!  Thanks for playing.


(WQOW) - Talk about a blast from the past!  Take a look at the above slideshow featuring photos of some WQOW News 18 employees in their younger days!  We encourage you to guess who's who - and in a week (Wednesday, March 12) - we'll post the names of each staff member!

Here's your hint: we'll provide a list of the names...see if you can match them up!

In no particular order:

Lisa Patrow (Director of News and Station Operations)

Jerry Gallagher (Assistant News Director/Anchor)

Andrea Albers (Anchor)

Keith Edwards (Assignment Manager/Anchor)

Steve Betchkal (Chief Videojournalist)

Kyle Jorgenson (Videojournalist)

Amie Winters (Internet Director)

Aarik Woods (Multimedia Journalist)

Emily Valerio (Anchor/Multimedia Journalist)

Heidi Bohl (Anchor)

Aaron Rhody (Anchor)

Jackson Schmidtke (Multimedia Journalist)

Stephen Kelley (Sports Anchor)

Renee Boehm (Chief Technical Director)

Matt Troge (Technical Director)

Samantha Harkness (Audio Operator)

LeAnn Lombardo (Meteorologist)

Andrew McCawley (Meteorologist)

Nick Grunseth (Chief Meteorologist)


And as always, check out WQOW News 18's news team, weather team and sports team of today!

Good luck!!

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