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Police issuing more tickets for parking too close to crosswalks


Eau Claire (WQOW) - The Eau Claire Police Department handles many different complaints but there's one they've seen a significant increase in this year and it's driven them to pass out more tickets.

So far this year the police department has issued more than one hundred and seventy four tickets for parking too close to a cross walk. That's almost three times as many as last year, one possible reason could be confusion over unmarked crosswalks.  

"You can tell it's a cross walk because the sidewalk at the intersection extends across the road," said Community Relations Officer Kyle Roder.

With an increase in tickets comes an increase in excuses, like not knowing the law or there wasn't a sign.

"You need to take some responsibility to learn and understand the laws of your community. The municipality doesn't have the time nor the funds to put signs everywhere," said Roder.

The law says you must have 15 feet between your car and the crosswalk. Roder says that law is in effect statewide not just in the city. He says that the law is for both pedestrian and driver safety.

"It may seem like it's not a big deal," said Roder. "But for the people that are out walking and driving through those intersections having visibility of traffic makes it much more safe."

The police department says they do give drivers the benefit of the doubt, but when they get a complaint on parking they'll enforce it.

A ticket for parking too close to a crosswalk will cost you $30. .

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