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Make-A-Wish sets the wheels in motion for a truck tune-up


Pigeon Falls (WQOW) - There is no feeling quite like sliding into driver's the seat of your dream car. An area teen scored the wheels he wanted most, but cancer cut the ride short.  With the help of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, he's back behind the wheel.

It's been almost a year since he last saw his trusty truck. Zachery Lambright, who received his wish from Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, said, "I haven't opened this thing in a long time."

And in that time, a lot has changed. "I've always wanted a Chevy Scottsdale, always liked them," Lambright said.

Beaming in red restored from top to bottom, the truck is out of the shop, ready for a spin. "It feels great to have my new truck," Lambright said. "I'm ready to take it out on the roads."

Lambright's smooth ride quickly took a turn when he was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago. "It's still there, but I'm still truckin' along," Lambright said.

Melanoma cancer, a life threatening illness that has this 18-year-old still fighting. Lambright said, "I first had the cancer in three spots, first my stomach and armpits. Now it's just in my lungs. A lot of people say it's harsh on you and that it's really hard to beat, but I'll beat it. I'll beat it."

Lambright's father, Mervin Lambright, said, "It's been a tough ride the last year. It's definitely not something you dream of. I never thought it would hit me or one of my family to have cancer."

Make-A-Wish wanted to help get Zachery back on the road to recovery. Mervin said, "It's been quite a journey in the last year."

 So they put a mega-makeover in motion. While he worked to get healthy, mechanics worked on his truck.

Troy Klomsten, one of five owners of Klomsten & Sons Collision, said, "Overall, good opportunity and we feel blessed to do it for him."

Stephanie Brueggen, a wish granter of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, said, "There wasn't any wish granters in this area. He seemed like he was a real fighter. He was very positive from the first time we met him and just you know, 'Well, I'm going to kick this,' and which I think is great, and just a normal teenage kid, despite what he had."

Jim Klomsten, one of five owners of Klomsten & Sons Collision, said, "I think it's been a very experience for us, you know to help this kid out and maybe it'll give him some spirits and get him healthy."

Make-A-Wish said the price tag to restore Zachery's truck was around $25,000. Much of the work was donated by local auto shops.

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