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Temporary road being explored as an option to keep Menomonie St open


Eau Claire (WQOW) -  There was a slight detour for an Eau Claire street project but a plan to keep business owners happy, and costs low will move forward.

Last night we told you about an option to build a temporary road on a plot of land owned by the YMCA.

It would run parallel to Menomonie Street during summer construction and cost up to $100,000 much less than the projected cost of keeping Menomonie Street partially open to traffic. That has been estimated at 300 to 500-thousand dollars.

The plan to build the temporary road will not need to be approved by a city council vote because it already meets the council's requirement that traffic remains open during construction.

"We're just waiting for permission from the YMCA to build a temporary road on their property and if we get that it would be the preferred option," said Doug Derks Deputy City Engineer.

The project is slated to start in mid May.


Eau Claire (WQOW) - A street project approved twice could face a third test.

A plan to keep Menomonie Street open to traffic during construction was approved at the last council meeting without an idea of what it would cost to do so. 

Council member Eric Larsen says he's now learned the increased cost of keeping the street open is anywhere between 300 and 500-thousand dollars. 

He's now recommending another option be considered:  keeping the street open, but driving down the cost with the help of the YMCA.

"It involves an easement with the YMCA that would allow us to route traffic on the north side of Menomonie Street around the utility work between Clairemont and Carson Park Drive and allow traffic to stay open both ways," said Larsen.

The option will be presented at Tuesday night's city council meeting. 

Larsen says that option if approved could keep the cost increase at about 50 to 100-thousand dollars. 

The project is expected to begin in mid-may.

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