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Bricks on Eau Claire's South Barstow Street starting to deteriorate

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Nine months after a $2 million makeover on Barstow Street, construction workers may be needed again in downtown Eau Claire.

In January the city started to notice that some of the bricks used to pave crosswalks were starting to deteriorate

"They look really nice cosmetically they look great,” said Revival Records Owner Billy Siegel.

If you look closer just nine months after being put down, some bricks on Barstow Street already look old.

“We're just starting our analysis of what's happening out here,” said City Engineer Dave Solberg. “We're not sure if it's a material defect with the brick, if it's salt related, or even temperature related."

It's a mystery the city didn't think it would have to deal with.

"We had hoped there wouldn't be any wear or tear,” said Solberg. ‘But with a winter as long and as cold as we've had there are some issues. It's hard to pitch a perfect game with the weather conditions we have.

While the city works with the project's contractor to find a solution the deteriorating brick doesn't come as a surprise to all.

“It's kind of to be expected,” said Siegel. “I didn't think they'd last very long anyway. If i had had a choice I wouldn't have chosen the brick pavers personally just from thinking that his might happen.

And it's not just bricks that are issue on Barstow curbs and marking tape have also taken a hit

This is just the result of a horribly long cold Wisconsin winter,” said Solberg.

The city is just starting to look into what has caused the issues on South Barstow, but hopes to be able to use what it learns on other street projects.

"It's something to look at going forward when we are addressing the reconstruction and repair of some of our other streets that would typically be included with brick pavers in the pavement,” Solberg said. “If it's a situation where brick pavers shouldn't be in the street then we would look into stamped concrete for crosswalks"

A one-year warranty on the project would pay for the repairs to South Barstow Street.

City staff will meet with the project's contractor to determine the cause and how to fix the problems.

Solberg said that the city hopes to replace the deteriorating bricks later this summer.

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