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Situation in Nigeria hits close to home for UW-Eau Claire student

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Sad, angry and scared.  That's how a UW-Eau Claire student feels as she watches what's happening in her home country right now.

She says Nigeria's future is being snatched away.

Wednesday, the U.S Secretary of State pledged to do everything possible to help find more than 200 Nigerian girls. They were kidnapped from their boarding school by a militant group last month.

"Part of the deal is that they want to make people who send their girls to school scared to send their children to school.,” said Associate Professor of History Louisa Rice.

It's a fear that UW-Eau Claire student Philip Asiemo knows too well.

"I always thank god that I am not where they attack,” she said. “But I'm always scared though, especially for my family members back in Nigeria."

For the past month she has been following the coverage of kidnappings, bombings and attacks on villages in her home country from six thousand miles away.

“When I heard of the Abuja bombing I have close relatives there, my auntie is like a mother to me, my favorite cousins are in Abuja,” said Asiemo. “And when I heard of it I was instantly terrified. I was calling my mom and emailing her as much as possible. I was so happy when I found out they were fine.”

She hopes the rest of the world will unite to find the girls and bring them home safely.

“We all share pain, we all share troubles, we all have obstacles no matter if you're from Eau Claire or if you're black or if you're white,” she said. “We should all be there for each other as human beings. We should help each other, not ignore the fact that something so traumatic is happening to a Nigerian or to another country, we should all be together in this and we should stand together.”

Standing together, she says, is what will bring an end to the terrible events back home

"Nigeria is very strong as a country,” Asiemo said. “She's a very strong country and she's overcome obstacles and hurdles and by the grace of god I think we will overcome this and we will find our girls.”

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