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ROAD WOES: South Barstow getting repairs less than a year after project

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Construction crews return to downtown Eau Claire but this was no planned project.

Repairs are needed on South Barstow Street less than a year after the work was done.

Late last month, we learned about the problems with the new clay paving bricks on Barstow. Some were already chipped and broken less than a year after being put in.

Today, crews started work not on the bricks though, but on the new sidewalks, some were already cracking.

The city engineer says these types of issues do happen with concrete, but they are still trying to figure out why it happened in this case.

"Some areas coincide with areas with the concrete being rained on,” said City Engineer Dave Solberg. “Some areas of concrete that cracked the temperature was ok, there was no rain so there's not a definite pattern to what happened out here."

They'll be working on the sidewalks for the rest of this week and then new crews will come in to work on the broken bricks which could last up to a month.

Last month, we were told the long, cold, snowy winter probably affected the bricks. The city engineer told us the repairs are covered under a one year warranty which means the city isn't responsible for the cost.

The question then becomes; what happens if these repairs don't hold up through another winter. We've been told those repairs will be covered under another one-year warranty.

Right now the city estimates that less than 25-percent of the concrete will need to be replaced.

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