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New beers to hit store shelves faster after federal law change

Eau Claire (WQOW) - The world of beer isn't just your dad's Schlitz, High Life, and Budweiser selection anymore. That has the federal government adapting to new trends in beer.

Craft brewers using recipes that stray from traditional ingredients like hops, malts, water and yeast, used to have to submit each recipe to the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau before they could sell their beer in a store.

Now the government has loosened those rules to allow ingredients like honey, lemon, coffee and others to be used without the need for prior approval.

It's a change that will help craft brewers like Lazy Monk in Eau Claire get new beers on store shelves more quickly.

"Current lagers are not all that different from one to the other so small craft brewers started to innovate with different ingredients,” said Leos Frank brew master at Lazy Monk. “I think that it will make our lives easier because we do not need to file a formula before we file for a label."

Lazy monk says it will still need to have its labels approved, but without the need to have the recipe approved new beers can hit shelves in a month or less.

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