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Western Wisconsin shop awards its first re-purposed car to a deserving candidate


Baldwin (WQOW) - A western Wisconsin auto shop is using it's mechanical skills to re-purpose cars for people in need of a lift.

It's better to give than receive. It's a lesson Sarah Pommerening was taught as a child. Pommerening said, "I pretty much put in about 60 hours a week."

And as an adult, she's made giving, her full time job. Sarah volunteers at local schools, her church and the Baldwin area library.

Pommerening said, "I get the satisfaction of helping people."

And those people decided to help her in return.

Pommerening said, "Right at the right time, was not expecting this at all."

Sarah was one of several people nominated to win a refurbished car through the "Deserving Rides" program through Next Generation Automotive shop in Baldwin.

Shawn Kline, one of the owners of Next Generation Auto, said, "The Deserving Rides, it's a good way to give back to our community. This was just another way to give back to someone who truly deserves it and who could really use a good running vehicle."

Pommerening said, "Two weeks ago, the car I had, broke down and so, I didn't know how I was able to pay for it, let alone get my vehicle fixed. So, I truly feel really blessed that I have an amazing group of friends and family that were looking out for me when I couldn't look out for myself."

Ruth Pfeifer, one of Pommerenings’s friends from Hammond, said, "I thought, who deserves a ride more than my friend, Sarah, who does everything for everyone. And I wrote a letter to nominate her."

Sarah is the first person to win a car through the "deserving rides" program.

Pommerening said, "When you think life is on your last legs, and you don't have anymore to go, there's always somebody out there looking out for you and just to have that good bond and know that you're not alone."

Next Generation said it refurbished the car from inside out and even added a new engine with the help of several area auto shops. The owners said they spent over one hundred hours repairing the car for the giveaway.

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