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CONTINUING COVERAGE: Man charged in Dunn Co. shootout to stand trial


Menomonie (WQOW) - The man deputies say was involved in a shoot-out with area deputies returned to court Tuesday.

Jared Brendel is charged in Dunn County with several counts of attempted intentional homicide among other charges.

Tuesday a judge heard testimony to determine whether or not there was probable cause that a crime was committed.

In early June Barron County deputies chased Brendel who was wanted on numerous felony charges and believed to be armed and dangerous.

Investigators say Brendel shot at deputies hitting a squad car. Officers returned fire. The prosecution said this was more than enough to show a crime was committed.

"He's a convicted felon,” said assistant district attorney Andrew Maki. “So he's a felon in possession of a firearm, he's got a stolen handgun, a stolen vehicle and he was fleeing officers, there were three squad cars, a long chase, numerous traffic violations so there's certainly a felony."

Brendel will be back in court on January 30th for an arraignment.


Dunn Co. (WQOW) - A man charged with attempted homicide after a shootout with deputies is bound over for trial.

The judge made that decision at a preliminary hearing Tuesday for Jared Brendel.

More details coming on tonight's 6 p.m. report.


"You see it all the time in the movies, and now you get to see it in real life." Those are the words of Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald after watching just-released dash cam video. The video features a chase last month that crossed two counties and ended in an exchange of gunfire.

"There is also currently an airplane from the state patrol calling the chase out for us," said Chris Fitzgerald, Barron County Sheriff.

As Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald watches the video, he is reminded of how dangerous being an officer can be.

"We are a small, rural county that's a pretty safe county, and these incidents can happen here. It's not just the Milwaukee's and the Madison's where stuff like this happens. So that's exactly why we train for, we prepare for, and we have the right equipment for it," said Fitzgerald.

On June 3rd, officers from Barron County began chasing this man, Jared Brendel, who was the focus of a manhunt the night before. After avoiding stop sticks, police ended the chase which led into Dunn County by using a pit maneuver to spin Brendel out.

"They picked a good spot that was away from very many houses, nothing that was really close. They pushed him off into a ditch where it was not a big steep embankment, but yet it wasn't a flat spot. It was a well chosen location," said Dennis Smith, Dunn County Sheriff

But the action was far from over.

"As he is spinning out of control, Mr. Brendel fires three shots out of the window. And then Deputy Wolfe takes cover down there. The pit maneuver didn't put him into the ditch, he actually drove himself into the ditch because of the cover from the gunshot. He could actually see the weapon, he could actually see the bullets coming out of it, and that's why he took to the ditch," added Fitzgerald.

With one vehicle off to the side, another officer quickly responds, firing until Brendel eventually surrenders.

"In the video, you see Captain Baures' reaction is tremendous. His timing, to be able to stop his car, get his seatbelt off, pull his weapon, and start firing. And the accuracy of his shots is pinpoint accuracy," said Fitzgerald.

Neither Brendel nor any of the officers involved were hit with bullets fired in the exchange. Brendel was ultimately arrested and taken into custody.

The Barron County sheriff says everything was done correctly, and that the department plans to use the video for training purposes.

He also says that one thing the department learned in all of this, was to put numbers on the tops of their squad cars. That's so that the airplane you heard the sheriff describing can more easily communicate with officers during a chase. Brendel is due in court on August 5th. He has been charged with attempted homicide.

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