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House Republicans to vote on effort to sue President Obama

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKOW) -- House Republicans are expected to formally approve their lawsuit against President Obama over his use of executive orders this week.

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan, from Madison, says Congress has more important issues to decide before its summer recess begins this weekend. 

"The president has been doing everything within the law on this," Pocan said. "This is just another way for the Republicans to try to put out some fake issue, some straw man that they can try to run on in the elections. We're gonna spend money paying for attorneys, $500 an hour to do this ridiculous Don Quixote sort of political stunt by the Republicans."

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, from Janesville, released the following statement Tuesday:

“I am very concerned about the administration exceeding the authority of the executive branch. Traditionally, Congress would use the power of the purse given by the Constitution to keep the President in check. Unfortunately, the Senate is not interested in maintaining the prerogatives and the authority of the legislative branch, so Speaker Boehner was compelled to act. I will support his efforts and vote for the resolution.”

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