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COPY-Paper airplane takes EAA AirVenture by storm

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With all the planes at EAA AirVenture, there is none quite like the "Power Up 3.0." It's a paper airplane with Bluetooth capability sold for the first time ever in Oshkosh this week.

George Andrews, who's visiting AirVenture from Canada, has 3 grandchildren, and he loves to make paper airplanes.

"I make them all the time. I actually fly them across my office into my assistant manager's."

So he was instantly drawn to the Power Up 3.0 -- a paper airplane with an attachable motor and, yes, there's even an app for that.

Now he's looking to buy one for his grandson, admitting, "I'm hoping he'll let me use it."

We learned when we were young that anyone can build a paper airplane. That's why Power Up Toys is taking the paper airplane to new heights.

Inventor Shai Goitein said, "It was one of those eureka moments that I had a while back, just fiddling around with electrical components, and I always flew things."

After huge success with the first two versions, Goitein added Bluetooth to his third, allowing users to use an app on their phone to pull an automated throttle for takeoff and control the plane's rudder.

It's this version he's debuting to aviators at AirVenture.

"Most of them are pilots, and they understand how it works and they're really intrigued and they want to see it work," Goitein said.

"It's simple and it's fun, and it's really just about the magic of flight," Harold Chizick, Power Up Toys vice-president of marketing, said.

But they say it's also about the magic of innocence.

"At the end of the day, it's wonderful to believe that there's a child inside everybody that grows with you from 1 to 101. It's really great to see," Chizick said.

He tells us to look out for version 4.0 in 2015. They're looking into advanced technology -- maybe even a camera.
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