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Confluence Project funding becoming clearer this week


 Eau Claire (WQOW) - Funding for the Confluence Project is becoming a bit clearer this week.

At the state level 25-million dollars of state funding needed for the Confluence Project will no longer be requested from the UW Board of Regents, but it will be requested from the state's capital building budget in the form of a non-state agency grant.

On Thursday, the Board of Regents will decide whether they want UW-System President Ray Cross to work with Governor Walker to fit the $25 million request for the Confluence Project into the state budget.

If that happens funding for the project would then move to the state's building commission for approval.

On the local level, two key pieces of funding for the Confluence Project were discussed Monday night.

The Eau Claire Plan Commission voted to recommend an amendment to tax increment financing district eight, which covers the North and South Barstow Street area. As well as approving the creation of tax increment financing district 10, which covers the proposed Confluence Project site.

Nine members of the public spoke against the plan at the meeting.

The two new tax districts would help pay for a $5 million contribution to the community arts center and a $5.9 million contribution to the residential and retail building.

“I think it's wrong to shift the revenues for what should be going to benefit the entire community to just one developer,” said Commission member John Hibbard. “I think that's wrong.”

But member Eric Larsen wanted to remind member that they are voting only on the creation of the districts, not, on what money should go where.

“No action is taken other than reporting back to the city council what we find,” he said.

The Eau Claire City Council will hold a public hearing in September with a vote to follow.

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