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COPY-UPDATE: Bloomer schools adds e-cigs to district ban


Bloomer (WQOW) - The Bloomer School District voted 6-0 to add electronic and vaporized devices to their list of banned products.


Bloomer (WQOW)
- A debate is being sparked at a local school's board meeting on Wednesday night. The Bloomer School District is voting to add electronic and vaporized devices to the list of banned products before it becomes a problem.

Dr. Mary Randall, the superintendent for Bloomer School District, said, "There's no smoking in our buildings, on our school premises or at school activities."

The Bloomer School District is striving to be tobacco-free.

Jay Thompson, a parent of a Bloomer Middle School student, said, “I think that we don't need cigarettes anywhere on school grounds. I don't like cigarettes. I don't want to smell anyone else's smoke."

Ben Putney, a senior at Bloomer High School, said, “I think it's a great policy because it prevents bad habits from starting."

Dr. Randall said, “It's related to the general health and welfare of our students. It's a policy that we've had in place for many, many years."

At Wednesday night's board of education meeting, administrators will vote on updating the district's current tobacco use policy to include prohibiting the use of electronic and vapor devices, like e-cigarettes.

Dr. Randall said, "It (The tobacco use policy) applies to everybody, community, student, staff (and) visitors. If we allow vapor cigarettes or vapor related products, or what we call electronic smoking devices, at our activities, it violates our policy intent."

The reason for the updates? Dr. Randall said, "We do know that they are for sale, and that because they are for sale, they are easily accessible. We want to make sure there are clear expectations for everyone."

So far, there are no complaints, but the board is hoping to nip the problem in the bud before it begins. The Board of Education meeting is at 6 p.m. on Wednesday at the Bloomer Middle School.

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