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Man charged after girl eats candy bar made with THC

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington State. A scary incident in Chippewa Falls has police reminding people that while it is legal to buy and have marijuana in those states you cannot bring it back to Wisconsin.

Back in June, a 15-year-old Chippewa Falls girl was sent to the hospital for an overdose of THC. Police say she was at the Chippewa Falls Senior High School when she became pale, had difficulty speaking, and had a weak pulse.

"Through our investigation we found that she had consumed a store bought chocolate bar that had a high concentration of THC that was purchased in Colorado," said Sergeant Dave BeBeau.

That candy bar was a Blue Kudu which even warns people not to eat the whole thing.

"The concentration of marijuana in these products is very high,” BeBeau said. “The scary thing is that these products appeal to the young they appeal to children."

Jason Hetke was charged Monday with reckless endangerment, neglect, and possession of THC. Police also arrested his son Brett Hetke for possession of THC and drug paraphernalia.

Police say a search of the Hetke home turned up more candy bars, hash oil, and marijuana seeds.

This case has police reminding residents just because it's legal in one state doesn't make it legal here.

“If you transport it back to the state of Wisconsin and you are found in possession of it you will be charged,” said BeBeau.

Police say this is one of the first situations they've seen where legal products were purchased and then brought to Wisconsin but that it might become a more common occurrence.

"It is a concern but what people need to remember is that although they can be purchased legally, you can't bring them back to Wisconsin,” said BeBeau.

Jason Hetke is supposed to make his initial appearance at the end of October and Brett Hetke will have a hearing on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old girl has been referred to juvenile court. Police say when they questioned her; she knew that the candy bar had THC in it.

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