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GAB announces plan to implement Voter ID

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) answered some questions about the implementation of the state's Voter ID law Tuesday, but still left a lot of room for questions and confusion.

The most pressing issue for the GAB is instructing local clerks on what to do about the thousands of Wisconsin residents who had either already sent back an absentee ballot, or even requested one, before the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the law last Friday.

"Clerks will have to contact voters and inform them they need to submit a copy of their photo ID before their vote will be counted," said Kevin Kennedy, Director of the GAB.

College students planning to vote are getting a mixed message from the GAB on whether they should use their school issued photo ID's at the polls.

"A lot of colleges didn't update their ID's," said Kennedy.  "As I said, there's a combination of forms that they need to show currency because the ID doesn't often have all the requirements in itself." 

UW-Madison is telling students they can get new ID's that do meet the requirements beginning next Tuesday, September 25th.

Voters without any ID can now get one free from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles without a birth certificate.

For voters that have proper state or federally issued ID's, can use them even if they display an address that isn't current.

"What they're looking at is the name, the fact that its a Wisconsin driver's license (for example) and the picture reasonably conforms," said Kennedy.  "They're not matching the address for Voter ID, they're matching the identity."

But if the address is not current, a voter cannot used that photo ID to register at the polls.  They would still need another form of identification with their current address on it to do that.

For a list of all of the types of photo ID's that will be accepted for this election, click here.
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