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Migratory moose makes pit stop in Eau Claire

Eau Claire (WQOW) - The moose that's been making its way through our area was spotted again Wednesday morning, this time just south of Eau Claire.

He was first spotted last week near Chetek, but has made his way south, and the DNR says he even crossed the Chippewa River Tuesday night to do so. The DNR still doesn't know exactly where he came from, but say it's most likely northern Minnesota or Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Cars were lined up along Highway 37 near the Silver Springs farm to get a look at the animal. WQOW spoke with Randy Shervey, the first person who spotted the moose. He said, "I was driving down the road this way, and I spotted him out in the field. I wasn't sure what it was, so I turned around and came back, and everyone started pulling off, and we've been watching him for a half hour."

"People should be always careful when observing moose; moose can behave aggressively," said Bill Hogseth, a Wildlife Biologist with the DNR. "And definitely be careful when you're on the side of a road looking at a moose, we're on a really well-trafficked road right now, and people need to be careful crossing the road and looking at this animal."

The DNR also says that, at this time, they have no plans to relocate or interfere with the moose, saying it's just a wild animal doing what wild animals do.

The Eau Claire Sheriff's Office is asking that people refrain from parking on or near the road to take pictures of the moose as this causes major safety problems.
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