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3rd grader saves family from house fire

Downsville (WQOW) - She's being called a hero; 3rd grader Addie Collinsworth from Downsville, helped save her family from a house fire early Sunday morning. 

“I woke up in my brother's room and I saw that the tree outside was glowing red,” says Addie.

This was around 5:30 Sunday morning.

“So I went to tell my mom and she said go back to bed and she said go back to bed it's just a dream.  And I told her no it's not a dream, so she went to go look and she came back saying that's a fire,” says Addie.

“When I got up it sounded like uhh, it was huffing, like the ceiling was breathing, sucking air and then it started to sound more like a thunderstorm, tornado-ish sound,” says Addie's father, Matt Collinsworth.

Matt and Bobbi Collinsworth, their two children Addie and Levi, and even their house pets, were all able to get out safely.  But the house was severely damaged.

 “The first thing Levi said was my sister is a hero,” says Mary Henry, the Principal of Downsville Elementary School.

“My sister saved our lives,” says Addie's brother Levi.

“She just is always there, always thinking about others before herself, so we're very proud of her,” says Addie's mother Bobbi.

Responders say the fire could have started in or around the chimney, or in the attic, but the cause is still undetermined. 

 “The silver lining in this is that we just studied fire safety and Addie and Levi used their skills to get out of the house safely,” says Mary Henry.

“And my brother told my dad to stop drop and roll,” says Addie.

The Collinsworth's say they are extremely grateful for the help they received from the three area fire departments that responded. 

“Something as little as, Addie was worried about her teddy bear, and they went in and got it, they went in and got the teddy bear,” says Matt.

But the most important thing remains un-damaged.

“We're still together, I mean it could have been worse.  We still have each other and that's always been what's important to us over the years and thank god that,” says Bobbi.

“The house is wood and sheet rock, it can be replaced,” says Matt.

Addie's school set up an account to help her family at WESTconsin Credit Union.  If you would like to donate, you can visit any one of their locations and ask for the Collinsworth fund.
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