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Majority vote for things Walker opposes

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Scott Walker won the election, yet, the advisory issues he opposes; like raising minimum wage and using federal funds for Medicaid, also won voter majority

Around two million voters hit the Wisconsin polls Tuesday. 

 “I thought yeah, I got to vote, I got to vote,” says Mark Lindoo, a resident of Eau Claire.

It was the highest voter turnout for a Wisconsin midterm election in over 60 years. 

 “When you do get nearly 60% of voters, anywhere in the 50 percents and higher, it's an indication of a very engaged, mobilized voter,” says Rodd Freitag, a Political Science Professor at UW-EC. 

Scott walker won the majority.  However, the majority also voted in favor of referendums that Walker opposes, like increasing the minimum wage.

 “It should be raised, it needs to be, because most people can't even afford to pay their rent let alone feed their children,” says Antonio Wilson, a resident of Eau Claire.

And accepting federal funding for Medicaid.

 “I am a big supporter of federal funding for Badger Care,” says Lauren Pittman, a student at UW-EC.

So how do we make sense of the results?

 “It's an identity thing, we think of ourselves as democrats and republicans and we vote based on that.  Once we start looking at issues we don't necessarily think of democrat positions on the issues or republican positions on the issues, we think, does this make sense,” says Freitag.

“It's kind of like sending him a subliminal message.  Like we're going to vote for you but we want you to do this though in return,” says Wilson.

But will that message change anything going forward? 

“It's sometimes fun and interesting to vote on policies but it is not binding and so I think that the positions of the governor will not change,” says Freitag.

“It will be interesting to see what happens,” says Pittman.

Rodd Freitag said that the last time the majority voted on a referendum that didn't prompt changes in the legislature was the death penalty.  The majority of Wisconsin was for it, yet nothing was changed.  
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