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Police warn parents of dangerous new drug found in Eau Claire school


UPDATE: Charges against Connor McRaven were dismissed last December as part of a deferred prosecution plea-bargain arrangement with the District Attorney's office.  As part of that deal, McRaven was required to perform 40 hours of community service, have no contact with two individuals, continue alcohol and/or drug abuse treatment, consume no illegal drugs or controlled substances and continue mental health treatment.  He was also required to attend school with no unexcused absences.


Eau Claire (WQOW) - It's a new drug that has found its way to Eau Claire and into the schools. It's known as an n-bomb, smiles, or 25-D. It's also called synthetic acid. An Eau Claire teen was in court Wednesday charged with possessing it and it's one of the first cases appearing in our area.

"This is a newer thing that's coming into the Chippewa valley,” said Detective Jesse Henning with the Eau Claire Police Department.

Wednesday morning Connor McRaven was in Eau Claire County Court charged with possession of 25D-NBOMe a synthetic form of the drug acid.

"It's similar to LSD or the traditional type of acid this is a different chemical compound it's more of man made substance,” said Henning.

The criminal complaint says McRaven bought the drug from a 16-year-old student at North High School but police say it could be in other parts of the area.

“It's a newer drug to the area and we've had a few isolated cases of it but it's newer especially with the student age population,” Henning said.

This new drug's effects dwarf those of it's 1960's counterpart.

“There have been cases around the country of deaths that have come because of this acid,” said Henning. “The hallucinations that can come from this are extreme and you don't know how much of this drug is on a blotter paper.”

Last January 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald of Woodbury, Minnesota died from an overdose of the drug. The five teens who gave it to her are facing murder charges.

“The scary thing is it's very small,” said Henning. “Each piece of paper is about a quarter inch by a quarter inch. It's generally purchased online from overseas and then sold here once it's purchased from overseas.”

It's a foreign import police hope stays out of Eau Claire.

“I'm hoping this is sort of the downfall,” Henning said.

Police and school officials hope parents can be their eyes and ears to stop the drug's use from spreading.

I always say parents know their children better than anyone,” said Henning. “Parents should be on the look out for anything that's abnormal with their children”

Police say while it's generally taken on a small piece of paper, it can also be put into food or drinks.

Below is a letter from school officials sent to parents at North and Memorial.

January 7, 2015

Dear North and Memorial Families,

We want to make you aware of an illegal drug that is apparently making its way into the Chippewa Valley. Members of the Eau Claire Police Department tell us that this compound drug is a type of synthetic “acid” and goes by the name of 25 (D or 1 or I) NBOME. It is typically abused by applying the liquid form to small sheets of blotter paper (stamps) of which small portions (tabs) are held in the mouth for absorption.

The drug produces effects similar to LSD and is increasingly popular due to its potency and much lower cost than so-called classical or traditional psychedelics. Reports of deaths and significant injuries have been attributed to its use.

Some noted physical/behavioral symptoms of someone under the influence of 251 include the following:

* Confusion/scrambled communication

* Tunnel vision * Nausea and vomiting * Paranoia, Fear, and Panic

* Unwanted and overwhelming feelings or life-changing spiritual experiences

* Fainting * Shaking, Tremors, Seizure

Our student's safety and well-being are our highest priorities. The Eau Claire Police Department continues to work closely with school staff to maintain the safety of our students. Recently an incident involving the use of this drug occurred at North High School. The school administration and police took immediate action to address this matter.

We most certainly wish to protect our students from any future incidents that might involve the abuse of this drug. Please contact the Eau Claire Police Department if you have information to share about the use or distribution of this drug. Please feel free to contact your school's principal if you have questions or concerns about the information contained in this message.


Mary Ann Hardebeck, Ed.D.

Superintendent of ECASD

Dave Valk

Principal of North High School

Dave Oldenberg,

Principal of Memorial High School

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