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Eau Claire puts a number to city deer population


Eau Claire (WQOW) – A helicopter was spotted, flying low, over specific areas in Eau Claire researching the city's deer population on Thursday. 

The city has heard many complaints from residents about too many deer in the city. Most reports were of deer ruining gardens and shrubs and creating a safety hazard for drivers. 

John Dunn, a retired DNR wildlife biologist, was hired by the city to try to figure out a solution. He took to the sky to manually count the deer over specific areas where they are most often seen by people, which is mostly near woods and water. "The problem is that it does get very emotional," he said. "Some people don't want to see any deer and some people want to see deer behind every bush and every tree. So there's a wide range of emotions in dealing with this and that's probably the toughest part of this process."

Dunn said counting the deer is the first step of the process. Once they are counted he will make some recommendations and hold two public hearings. The dates have not been determined yet, but one will be in the spring and one in the summer. At those hearings, people will be given the opportunity voice their opinions on possible solutions.

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