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Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization hosts open house Saturday to explain new trail pass rules


Cornell (WQOW) – The Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization is hosting an open house in Cornell Saturday, April 18th to talk about snowmobiling changes.

It may be too warm to be thinking of snowmobile season, but new trail passes are a hot topic worth discussing. As of July 1st, all snowmobiles in Wisconsin must have a trail pass to ride on trails and corridors. These passes will need to be purchased each year, and will stick to the windshield of the snowmobile. The pass must be purchased in addition to the $30 registration that lasts for 3 years. A Wisconsin trail pass is $30, but there is a $10 discount for riders who belong to a snowmobile club.

"If you're a snowmobiler, you should want to join a club because that's how the trails get created every year,” Russ Krumenauer with the Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization said. “The age of club members is going up, and they don't want to do the work anymore. We need new members to come in and take over. It's getting harder and harder to get people to go out there and do that stuff, so show some incentive in going out there and joining a club, and helping out with a sport you love.”

The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile clubs says less than half of Wisconsin snowmobilers belong to clubs that volunteer to create and maintain trails. The money from registration and trail passes will help their efforts.

Tomorrow's open house starts at 11:00 a.m. at the CVSO Groomer shop in Cornell (315 South Street). There will be question and answer sessions at noon and 2:00 p.m.

At the open house, there will be representatives available to help people sign up for any of the 23 clubs in Chippewa County. Those who sign up tomorrow will qualify for the trail pass discount.

There will be additional information about where registration and trail pass money goes, as well as what the AWSC and CVSO does for local snowmobilers.

The youth club will be having their normal meeting at 1:00. Anyone interested in joining is welcome. There will be a bonfire, food, and games after the open house for all youth.

You can find more information about the CVSO on their Facebook Page.

The open house is free for anyone to attend.

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