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Drivers react to proposed east coast smoking bill


Eau Claire (WQOW) - A smokey debate on the east coast has some drivers in Eau Claire fuming.

New Jersey lawmakers are debating a bill that would allow officers to ticket drivers for smoking with children in the car. That violation would cost $100. Drivers in our area weighed in on the proposed bill and told News 18 whether a similar measure should come to Wisconsin.

Troy Wheelock, from Eau Claire, said children seated in the back of larger vehicles, like a van, may not be affected with the second-hand smoke. "They're not even getting any exposure at all. If you're smoking with your kid in the car, you should have all of your windows rolled down."

Linda Colby, who is visiting Eau Claire from Madison, said when she was a child, her father used to be a chain smoker. “We used to go on long trips, and he would smoke the whole time we were in the car. And, about a third of the time, it made me car sick. So, I really personally think that parents, or adults should not smoke in the car with children."

Other drivers News 18 spoke with said they would like to see more awareness about how second-hand smoke can affect children.

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