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Twenty-year-old brings tasty treats to Eau Claire

Eau Claire's new ice cream trike Eau Claire's new ice cream trike

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Not since Pavlov's dogs has the sound of a bell ringing brought such salivation. It's all thanks to a young Eau Claire man and his new savory, sweet business strolling down the sidewalk. Twenty-year-old Vangjel Kapbardhi churned his entrepreneurial dream into a sweet reality.

"I just started this summer," said Kapbardhi. "I personally don't like working for anyone else. I always think of ways to work for myself and make my money. So, this is one of them."

Kapbardhi calls himself "the ice cream man." For nearly two hours every day, Vangjel bikes through his routes in Eau Claire and Altoona selling the luscious licks of refreshing treats.

"I can make anywhere from 80 to 190 dollars," said Kapbardhi.

The sounds of bells ring sweet memories for Kapbardhi, kids, and even grown-ups.

"Adults love it too because back when they were younger, they would have an ice cream trike or food truck that would just come over by their house," said Kapbardhi. "This just kind of brings back the old fun days for them."

For the 20-year-old the satisfaction is more than what meets the palate.

"Since there aren't many ice cream trikes around, I just want to go to the neighborhoods that allow me to go," said Kapbardhi. "I really enjoy being out in the sun and summer, so this is just a perfect job for me to go out and sell some ice cream, and bring joy to the community."

Kapbardhi said the ice cream trike cost him four-thousand dollars. If you're interested in finding out which neighborhoods Kapbardhi travels through, visit his Facebook page.

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