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Jefferson Award Winner: Carol Lendle


Eau Claire (WQOW)- We are only as good as the least fortunate in our community. It's what drives one local volunteer to work tirelessly to boost up her friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. 

Carol Lendle of Eau Claire is our most recent recipient of the Jefferson Award for public service.

Carol has been the longtime volunteer coordinator at Hope Lutheran in Eau Claire and is very involved in other church ministries. She also spends time volunteering at a local school. Carol says she's no stranger to hardship, and in part, it's what motivates her to reach out to those down on their luck. She also hopes to set a good example for her granddaughter who, from time to time, joins her to volunteer at Eau Claire's Beacon House, a place that provides emergency shelter and support to families so they can get back on their feet. 

"I hope that she realizes that it's important to help other people. That life just isn't about me, or getting ahead," said Carol.  "I really think you'll have a rich or fulfilling life if you are sensitive to other people's needs and help people in need." 

Congratulations to Carol! If you know someone like Carol, working to make a difference in their community, tell us! We are in need of Jefferson Award nominations. Click here to fill out an online nomination form. 

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