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Eau Claire (WQOW)-

Attorneys at Richie, Wickstrom, and Wachs teamed up today with the Kids Kloset Project to help children in foster care.

Together with their families, they packed backpacks and duffel bags with things like pajamas, clothes, and nightlights- items that can help comfort children going to a new home.

Attorney John Richie said being a part of the community means doing what they can to help, on both a professional and a personal level.

"If they are taken out of their home, let's not make things worse. Let's see if we can get them feeling better about themselves, let's help the people that are trying to help the kids," said Richie.  "So let's get them the clothes, let's get them the supplies that they need. Let's see if we can do some thing that can help these kids with school."

Kids Kloset is part of Eau Claire Lutheran Social Services.  They specialize in cases involving children with severe trauma, special needs, or disabilities that require special help.

In some emergency cases, the kids are moved in the middle of the night.  Kids Kloset Project organizer Sarah Stokes said these backpacks can help them feel a little more comfortable during their transition.

"And when they can give them a duffel bag with a night light, a teddy bear, jammies, it helps because those children are scared and they don't deserve what's happening to them," said Stokes.  "So this is like the best thing that we can do, given the bad circumstances."

Lutheran Social Services accepts donations for Kids Kloset year round, but will also be hosting a donation drive at their Clairemont Location this Thursday.

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