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Coffee lovers celebrate National Coffee Day


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Coffee fans of all flavors celebrated National Coffee Day Tuesday. 

Today's coffee drinkers can choose from many options from latte's to macchiatos, but whatever the coffee is called, it brews down to people's favorite bitter brown beverage. 

Jean Kubisak of Eau Claire is a regular at The French Press in Eau Claire, and stuck with her basic brew Tuesday morning. 
"I am a decaf drinker, and I need room left for cream, so the barista knows that," Kubisak said. 

However, baristas said orders aren't always so simple. 

"Sometimes you have to pray a little if you have a picky customer, but otherwise, practice makes perfect," Scott Vlcek, a barista with The French Press said. 

Experienced coffee drinkers know what they need from their caffeine. 

"I like strong coffee, and this is strong," Debbie Lowe of Chippewa Falls said while sipping a french pressed brew. 

Some coffee drinkers said they could go without their cup of Joe. The French Press Barista Emily Severson said she starting drinking coffee to keep up with starting work early in the morning, but she could set it aside if need be. 

"I would probably be okay," Severson said. "It makes me a little crazy."

Others were hooked on a mug from the first sip. 

"It is a whole new world once you know about it," Vlcek said. "I have energy. I can do stuff. I can take on the world."

Lowe said she couldn't live without her coffee, and even when traveling, she makes a plan to get her daily brew.

"I always know where the coffee is the night before," Lowe said.

Kubisak said the most important part of coffee was the simply savor every sip.  

"Even if it is only decaf, it gives you a good boost," Kubisak said. "I think maybe just mentally too, thinking you're having a good cup of coffee, and if it tastes good, that's the important thing."

To celebrate, some restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores offered free or discounted coffee for the day, including Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds.

Caribou Coffee went the charitable route, and for every cup sold Tuesday, they donated one to nurses and to families in cancer centers.

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