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Flower care advisory for a frosty forecast


Eau Claire (WQOW)- Cooler temperatures are on their way, and some people may be spending more time inside.  The same should go for some of your plants, which could need extra protection from the frosty weather.

A local garden center told News 18 on Tuesday that's it's time to bring in, or cover, any tropical or annual plants.  Amanda Danke is the garden manager at Down to Earth Garden Center in Eau Claire said it's important these plant get extra warmth and sunlight during cool nights and frosty mornings. 

"Tropical hibiscus, any of the citrus plants that somebody might have, like a lime or a lemon tree, or any of those exotic citrus plants, definitely get those inside and make sure they're going to be warm enough," said Danke.  "Anything like mums, asters, kale, millet, and those fall plants are definitely going to be okay outside in the frost and not need any attention or care."

Any vegetables growing in containers should also be brought inside or covered.  Vegetables growing in a garden that are still producing fruit should be harvested before the frost comes, if possible.

Although staff members recommend just using a sheet, anything can be used to cover outside plants as long it's not too heavy, to prevent the plant from breaking.

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