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Bloomer volleyball player prevents further concussions with helmet


Bloomer (WQOW) - Sport-related concussions have been a hot topic in soccer and football, but one young athlete from Bloomer may be starting a new trend among the volleyball community by wearing a helmet to prevent concussions.

Krystina Seibel is one talented athlete with two concerned parents after she sustained four concussions in the past three or so years from playing sports.

“My parents suggested that I get a helmet, and I kind of just blew it off because it was my parents saying it,” Seibel told News 18.

Two of Seibel's concussions came from playing volleyball, which was why a small intervention took place before this year's volleyball season.

“My coaches come up to me and all my teammates come up to me and thought that it would be a really good idea if I got a helmet because they wanted me to be protected and didn't want me to sit out and then I thought, why not, so I tried it,” she added. 

“I get the response that, 'OK what's the helmet about?'  and then they see her play and they're like, 'Oh, I get the helmet,'” said Liz Bohl, Seibel's volleyball coach. “They haven't seen anybody wear it, or use it so it's been sort of a conversation starter and something that they possibly want to look into for their own use or players because the questions come from parents, athletic trainers, referees.”

Bloomer High School's volleyball coaches are proud of the example Seibel is setting and believe it's only a matter of time before helmets are common court practice. Bohl said in the past three years, she's overseen three concussions, and believes that's three too many. 

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