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Eau Claire County turning to social media to combat the rise of meth use


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Eau Claire County formed a Methamphetamine Response Committee to address the rise of meth use in the Chippewa Valley.

Eau Claire County District Attorney Gary King partnered with Eau Claire County law enforcement, health officials, and others to form the committee. 

The Eau Claire Police Department said meth use is on the rise in the Chippewa Valley because it is easy to get and inexpensive. 

The committee started spreading its message on social media to help Eau Claire residents notice the early signs of meth use, like changes in behavior and physical appearance. The committee hopes #morethanMeth will shine a light on the ugly side effects of meth use in our area. 

"We're not just focused on what the drug does to the individual," Officer Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Department said. "What does the drug do to the community? We saw back this spring, a number of home burglaries that were caused by three individuals who were doing it to fuel their meth addiction. We see child abuse investigations that aren't just child abuse investigations. They are child abuse because the parents are addicted to meth."

The Meth Response Committee said it plans to release an informational video by the end of November and host a news conference on Nov. 30, which is National Meth Awareness Day. The committee said it plans to continue the campaign well into the future. Their activity can be followed on Facebook and Twitter

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