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Warm weather playing tricks on plants


Eau Claire (WQOW) – December weather is playing tricks on the plants.

On Tuesday, News 18 spoke with Ben Polzin, a manager at Down To Earth Garden Center in Eau Claire. He said this is the warmest year they've seen in a while and as a result, some perennials are starting to bud, and many of their other plants' ends are starting to swell. A few people have expressed concern about their plants doing the same thing. Polzin said there's not much we can do other than let mother nature take it's course, but ultimately he's not worried there will be much damage. However, he said maple trees are more susceptible to damage than other types of plants.

"On a really warm day the cells can start to warm up and activate a little bit and the trunk can start pulling moisture out of the ground,” said Polzin, “Like they would in the spring time and then what can happen over night if it gets really cold again at night, those cells can kind of burst and that's what causes those cracks in the maple trees that you see on young to middle aged maples."

Polzin said you can wrap the trunks of your trees to keep the temperature more consistent. 

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