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City staff say they're prepared for the first major storm of the season


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Is the City of Eau Claire ready to deal with the first major storm of the season?

News 18 spoke with city officials Monday afternoon as they geared up for the snow to come down.

Street Maintenance Manager Steve Thompson said they've been ready for this since the end of October.

He said usually by this time of year they've dealt with a couple of major storms. But of course it varies every year. He said two years ago by this time they'd already done 11 plow operations. And last year by this time they'd done four.

He said during the early parts of this storm they'll have 12 trucks out covering the main roads in Eau Claire to keep traffic moving as best they can.

Thompson said, "Just give operators the time and space they need and if citizens need to be out tonight to use extreme caution cause it sounds like it could get windy and start to drift."

Thompson said it's hard to say until the snow falls but with 6 to 10 inches predicted anticipates they'll use anywhere from 150 to 300 tons of salt.

Alternate side parking will go in effect at midnight for 72 hours. The city recently installed twelve signs around the city to warn drivers when the alternate side parking is in effect. For more details, click here.

Thompson said they likely won't start plowing residential areas until mid-morning Tuesday.

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