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Copy-27 News interviews Donald Trump on his plane Tuesday afternoon

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- 27 News was the only Madison media outlet allowed to participate in a question and answer session with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on his personal airplane Tuesday afternoon, where he took shots at Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) and defended his immigration policies.

Governor Walker (R-Wisconsin) gave his endorsement to Sen. Cruz earlier in the day, prompting Trump to criticize the state's economic performance under his leadership.

"I think he's a nice person. I don't care about whether he's nice or not," said Trump about Gov. Walker. "You look at the statistics on what's happening with jobs and many other factors in Wisconsin, you look at your 2.2 billion dollar deficit, you look at your numbers, they were so negative that I went - I didn't even use all of them - I didn't know how bad they were until I looked today. So he's now fair game. I would have never said this, but he's now fair game because he endorsed Cruz - who is never going to win by the way. He's too strident, Cruz has no chance of winning in the general election, zero."

Trump also defended his proposal to round up and deport all illegal immigrants, even though many dairy farmers in Wisconsin rely on immigrant labor to survive and have expressed concerns about what such a policy would do to the state's agricultural economy.

"When you need help, the people are going to be able to come in. When you can't get people, they're gonna come in, but they're gonna come in through a legal method - when you need help," said Trump. "We have the same thing up in the wine country in California. And when they need help, those people are going to come in, they're gonna show - they can't get em and they're gonna have em. They're gonna come in legally, it's gonna be a wonderful system."

Tuesday's visit to Janesville, where he spoke at rally after his press availability, is Trump's first campaign stop in Wisconsin ahead of the April 5 primary election here. A new poll released Tuesday shows him in a dead heat with Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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