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Phillip Anderson - U.S. Senate


Q. Most agree that higher education is key to having a strong country, yet in Wisconsin, the average student debt has skyrocketed in the last decade. The Institute for College Access & Success says it went up 74% from 2004-2014. What is the role of the federal government in ensuring that higher education is affordable and accessible?

The best way for the federal government to help make college more affordable is to get out of the business of providing loans. The more loans and other educational subsidies are available, the more tuition and student borrowing has increased, as well as the ratio of administration to faculty.

Q. How, in your desired role, would you help revitalize the economy, strengthen the middle class, create jobs and ensure fair taxation?

I will advocate for free markets, less regulation, a simpler tax code, and the closing of loopholes that Democrats and Republicans alike have created to reward their cronies.

Q. What would your office do to build and strengthen retirement security for all working men and women, including protecting employees' pensions?

The free market of retirement accounts and plans is a safer way to save for retirement than any government program, especially after special Wall Street loopholes and To Big To Fail designations are removed.

Q. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has been roundly criticized for making routine health care less affordable for millions of people who already had insurance through their jobs. Deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums have risen dramatically, coverage has been reduced and premiums are higher for many. At the same time, the act has provided coverage for millions of people who did not have insurance. How, specifically, would you change the ACA to make it better? Where would the money come from? And how would you ensure that no one 'falls through the cracks'?

I will introduce and/or support legislation to repeal the ACA, as well as fight for legislation to allow health insurance to be bought across state lines. The ACA is nothing but a handout to insurance companies. We also need to decouple insurance from basic routine care. Most health care can be handled through direct payments or subscriptions to health services, which would remove the bureaucracy and cost currently associated with routine care.

Q. What do you think this nation's priorities should be during the next decade? If elected, how would your office advance those priorities?

Our national priority should be getting back to truly representative government, and ending the era of a government dominated by corrupt parties and special interests. Our elected officials, with a few exceptions, fail to represent us as individuals, rather representing industries, unions, and campaign contributors.

To that end, I support the Read the Bills Act, which would require all bills be read by Representatives and Senators before voting, and would require that all bills be posted online for a period of 72 hours before voting, to allow for the public to contact their representatives about any concerns or suggestions they may have. Along with that, I support the One Subject at a Time Act, which would require that bills be voted on individually, not as conglomerations of bills which have no relation to each other. Elected officials would then be more directly responsible for their votes, and the public would know more clearly how they are being represented. 

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