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Bill Ingram - State Assembly Dist. 29


Q. What relevant experience do you bring to the office you seek?

Born and raised a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

Future Farmers of American, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Durand High School Band

USAF Veteran 1976-82. USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Special Agent, Team Leader of VIP Detail in Europe. Provided VIP protection for any Four Star General and above that served or was a visitor to the U.S. Air Force in Europe. This included armed and armored motorcades, NATO and other special events, and numerous golf games. I worked Joint Chief of Staff Selectee, General Charles Gabriel, USAF’s Commander in Chief Europe’s detail, as he did his European farewell tour. I also ran details for Congressmen and women, Ambassadors, Cabinet members, and foreign dignitaries and royalty during a time of heightened terrorist activity in Europe.

Durand Police Department – Patrol Officer

UWEC Police Department - Sergeant, Retired

Elk Mound Fire Department - Firefighter/HAZMAT Technician

Elk Mound Emergency Management - Director

Dunn County EMS First Responder

Civil Air Patrol - Major

--Three tours as Squadron Commander

--Air and Ground Operations Director

--Search and Rescue Pilot

MI Assistant Software, inc. – Vice President

Bill and Pam’s Country Truckin’ – Over the Road Truck Driver

IRIS Homecare for Dad, Severe Alzheimer’s, passed away October 10, 2015

Former Instructor for:

  • American Red Cross--CPR, AED, First Aid, Oxygen Administration
  • American Heart--CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS

Incident Command

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Bill Ingram Interprises - owner

The Farm – 80 acre farm

Metal Detectors of Western Wisconsin

Independent AMSOIL Dealer

The First Constitutional Christian Church, inc. – Senior Pastor, Founder, President, CEO

IRIS Home Care for Pam (wife, disabled)

Maxville Truck and Repair/Applied Applications – Farm Truck Driver

Pepin County Board Supervisor

  • Board of Health
  • Human Services Committee
  • Aging and Disabilities Resource Center - ADRC, Governing Board – Chairman
  • Served four years on the Law Enforcement Committee, two as Vice Chairman
  • Served four years on the WestCap – Board of Directors

Chippewa Valley Friends of the NRA – Board member

Wheels of Liberty, inc. – Vice President


UWEC – Bachelor of Business, some MBA credits

U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations Academy

CVTC Certifications

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighter
  • EMS First Responder


Numerous veterans’ organizations

Black Robe Regiment

Oath Keepers – I have taken the oath of office to protect the US Constitution 8 times.

Rolling Thunder motorcycle organization in memory of MIA/POWs

Road to Freedom motorcycle organization (ride for autism and 2nd Amendment)

Lawmaker’s motorcycle organization

Harley Owners Group (HOG)


Wisconsin Carry

Q. The American Society of Civil Engineers says Wisconsin motorists spend $2.0-billion per year in costs from driving on roads in need of repairs. What are the ways you would help find funding for the rebuilding of this state?

They have spent over $650 million on the Zoo interchange in Milwaukee. That alone is more than the combined county highway budgets of over 75% of the state. We need representatives that will speak out for them.

The State is moving money from local county highway budgets to large private road construction companies. Keep the money local and let the locals decide.

Take advantage of the current low oil price needed for the backtop to rebuild the roads.

Q. State aid to local school districts has been reduced, or remained flat for the last few years. Leaders of local school districts say that has resulted in stagnant teacher pay and reductions in educational programs that students need and want. Some worry that we are losing our best and brightest teachers to neighboring states. So many local school districts are now going to voters, asking them to pass referendums that would allow these schools to raise local property taxes to make up the difference. In your opinion, is this the best and most fair way to fund these projects? If so, what is the role of the state to provide further assistance.? If not, what, specifically, would you do to provide more state aid to local schools and where would that money come from?

We need to focus on what’s best for the students. What is good for students in larger urban districts may be different then what is needed in primarily rural districts. The Federal and State governments should for the most part stay out of education.

Q. What makes you the best candidate to represent your district?

As you can see from my first answer, I have a wide variety of work experiences. Likewise, I have an equal amount of social experiences. I have friends and acquaintances whom are extremely wealthy and all the way to very poor, extremely healthy to totally disabled, extremely honest to don’t leave them alone, extreme liberals to extreme conservatives. I also have friends and acquaintances from many ethic and religious cultures. I have an extreme amount of empathy and awareness and am very good at negotiating compromises that work for all involved.

Q. What do you think should be the top priorities for the state and your area over the next decade? If elected to office, how would you advance those priorities?

Taking care of our elderly, our disabled, and our Veterans are a top priority. Charity was never meant to be legislated by our government and they very clearing are not very good at it; however, they did get us into the business when they put us behind the curve by giving Social Security to people who never put anything into it and they continue to add programs to this day.

People have been forced to pay into the government during their entire careers for a wide variety of social programs. It is not right to eliminate these programs now, because they are getting to be too expensive.

Veterans are a special group of people that were willing to give everything to protect us and we need to insure that their needs, as a result of this sacrifice, are met without hesitation.

Also currently our basic rights are being legislated away. When I got into law enforcement in the 80s, there were three volumes of Wisconsin State Statutes and our motto was “to Serve and Protect”. I retired in 2006 when I was told that we were not there to serve the public, we were there to enforce the law, because “Governor Doyle needs the money.” There are now six volumes of State Statutes. I will work to reduce government control over our public, personal, and private lives.


Morality is being legislated.

Charity is being legislated.

Family is being legislated.

Our basic Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, 2nd Amendment Rights, etc. are being legislated.

Our right to live a long and natural life is being legislated.

A child’s Right to Life is being legislated.

The air we breathe is being legislated.

The food we eat is being legislated.

How and where we can use the bathroom is being legislated.

Free time activities/hobbies/vices are being legislated.

What we do on our private property is being legislated.

Pay is being legislated.

How we walk across a street is being legislated.

The clothes we wear is being legislated.

I’m sure you can add more.

Our national history is being changed legislatively and our future is being legislated.

We have a huge number of people that are being legislated into poverty.

What our Legislators can’t take away, our President does with Executive orders.

It’s gotten to the point the people often break the law because they don’t know what the law is.

If this keeps going, in the year 2020 everything we think do and say will be in the bill they present that day.

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